Terms and Conditions

The information we collect through our Site helps us secure donations, process registration applications and better serve our charity partners. If you have selected a performance-based donation option, the amount of your donation to a beneficiary will not be determined and your credit card will not be charged until the conclusion of The Decathlon. Your final donation amount will be determined by the performance of the athlete you are supporting in The Decathlon. Your credit card will be processed no more than one (1) week following The Decathlon in which the person/team you supported participated.  Donations made using the Flat Donation option will be processed immediately and are received by the beneficiary directly. 100% of all donations are received by the beneficiary.

By clicking "I agree" below, you acknowledge that the actual amount donated will not be determined until The Decathlon has been completed. You also acknowledge that donations for the Sliding donation option can fluctuate in value from the estimated amount depending upon the performance of the supported athlete in his/her selected event. Donation estimates shown for Sliding donations are solely based on the athlete meeting his/her stated goal for that event and actual results may vary.

By clicking "I agree" you also acknowledge that you will satisfy, in full, the contribution amount(s) you have chosen regardless of the option(s) you have selected. Your monthly statement will reflect a charge attributed to "The Decathlon or SixStar Services LLC". You agree not to contest the donation amount and to authorize this transaction in full.

Donors are encouraged to attend The Decathlon and verify the results in person. You may also independently verify The Decathlon's results by visiting the results page located at thedecathlon.org/leaderboard. Running events, including the 400 meter run, 40yd dash, 20yd shuttle sprint, and 800 meter run are timed by and recorded by an independent timing company. Results from the abovementioned running events are fully automatic time (FAT), and are not hand-timed. 

Questions about your donation may be directed to The Decathlon's producer, SixStar Services LLC, via email – info@thedecathlon.org.

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law

100% of the proceeds from all donations go to support the designated beneficiary in each market.

You must check the box to agree before you finalize your donation.